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AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router

  • The Dual-Band router AC1200 improves home wireless speed and reduces interference for better connection to more Wi-Fi devices
  • Four robust external antennas for stable long-range connection
  • “No PC” setup with a quick, detailed installation tutorial.
  • Intuitive user interface, easier-to-manage home network
  • Brand-new design with energy efficiency and thermal system enhancement.
  • Extension flexibility eliminates home Wi-Fi dead spots.

Create a wireless network for your home or apartment to connect more devices wirelessly with faster 11ac technology. The NBG6604 features four robust external  antennas for dedicated 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz wireless bands to provide wider coverage. You'll also find a better experience with our easy, intuitive ONE Connect mobile app. 

  • 1200Mbps for improved home wireless speed

Upgrade your home network with the Zyxel NBG6604 AC1200 Dual-Band Wireless Router. Equipped with the 802.11ac technology, the NBG6604 boosts wireless speeds to 4 times faster than traditional 11n single-band routers.

  • Dual-Band routers reduce interference for better connections to more Wi-Fi devices

The NBG6604 dual-band wireless router allows you to create two wireless networks that connect up to 64 devices: one 2.4 GHz network can be used for regular Web browsing, news reading, social networking as well as photo/video/file uploading and downloading, while the other at 5 GHz allows bandwidth-hogging, time-sensitive activities such as HD video streaming or multiplayer online gaming.

  • Four robust external antennas for stable long-range connection

The NBG6604 comes with four high-gain external antennas with two dedicated antennas per bandwidth (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz). All antennas have two degrees ofadjustability; this helps users to find the best signal reception while improving signal coverage and stability instantly. With four 5dBi Omni antennas, the Zyxel NBG6604 provides a long-range wireless connection for you to enjoy services throughout the home network. You’ll enjoy stable, reliable wireless operations for Web browsing, file exchange and multimedia streaming everywhere at home. 

  • “No PC” setup with a quick, detailed installation tutorial

You don’t need to log in from your PC to conduct network monitoring any more. Just set up the Internet connection and wireless setting in a straightforward way on your mobile phone.

  • Intuitive user interface, easier-to-manage home networks

The Zyxel ONE Connect app enables easy management tasks like setting up device, Internet connection and Wi-Fi configurations. Users can easy take advantage of all main features such as reading installation tutorials, Internet speed tests, enabling guest Wi-Fi settings, scheduling Wi-Fi access and performing one-button upgrades all through an intuitive user interface.

  • Brand new design with energy efficiency and thermal system enhancements

The NBG6604 comes with a compact design and wall-mount placement option to provide users with flexibility to place it in any house corner. The NBG6604 consumes relatively low power to significantly save energy, reduces heat and improve stability to avoid overheat issues.

  • Extension flexibility eliminates home Wi-Fi dead spots

You can benefit from ONE Connect’s all-in-one, whole-home coverage. Once you purchase any of Zyxel’s wireless extenders (WAP, WRE or PLA Series), all you need to do is to download the ONE Connect app and it automatically configures the settings from router to your extenders to immediately cover Wi-Fi dead spots without the hassle settings.